Solidarity Brigade to Caracas

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Action Update by EWAN

The Primera Brigadistas had dinner the other night with comrade Ronny Astudillo,who had been on the wrong end of the law and had spent some time at ElDorado,the low-security prison which has been implementing Mision Vuelvan Caras or'About Face', Venezuela┬┤s employment mission. Ronny had been through the programand gave it full credit for getting him where he is today. With the missionVuelvan Caras, the Bolivarian government is calling on Venezuelans to turnaround and face the enemy of unemployment. Prison life at ElDorado has beenrevolutionised through the missions which have brought training as well as sportinto the prison. It was inspiring to see Ronny now fully participating in therevolution.Ewan S


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